That's me under that chuppah!

"Would you officiate or participate in my wedding?" 
After fifteen years as a Jewish educator in the Twin Cities, my 'kids' are growing up and grown up and are figuring out in real time what they want their adult Jewish lives to look and feel like. They are in relationships, they are moving into their first apartment, they have loved ones who die, they are starting careers, they are buying homes, they are co-parenting puppies, they are having children. It turns out, they aren't the only ones. People of all ages have come to me looking for guidance in their Jewish lives. 



Photo: Brooks Autry and Ellie Kahn
(P.S. A chuppah (h-oo-pah with a hard 'h' sound) is a wedding canopy.)

I knew I wanted to incorporate Judaism into my wedding, but my husband-to-be wasn’t Jewish and I wanted the ceremony to reflect us both. Amy helped us to pick out some Jewish customs that felt representative of us as a couple, and then did a wonderful job incorporating them into our wedding ceremony. I went into the wedding planning process feeling nervous about the ceremony, and it ended up being my favorite part, in large part thanks to Amy!
— Ellie Kahn Autry