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It's always almost my favorite holiday. Without fail, as soon as we observe or celebrate the one we are in, I start getting excited about the one coming next. Rabbi Goldhar's explanation of the Jewish concept of time and holidays really resonates with me. He teaches that Jewish time is cyclical and each year as we come into the time-space of a holiday we experience the holiness of the past meeting up with the present. I love that. I also love finding and creating vibrant ways to bring each holiday to life. 

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tu b'shevat

Creating my own Tu B'Shevat Haggadah transformed our seder. Original photos, text from our tradition, contemporary analysis, and communal participation bring the promise of renewal and growth to the coldest, darkest Minnesota winder day.

I'm currently exploring the possibility of making this haggadah publicly available.

A Tu b’Shevat seder is a gathering to celebrate the birthday of the trees, with lots of food, people, and laughter. Amy’s Tu b’Shevat seder raised the bar for a Tu b’Shevat seder in every way. This seder was exceptional, with learning, tradition, gaiety, and fun! Amy’s knowledge of Jewish life and community, and her ability to coordinate gatherings is what made her Tu b’Shevat seder great!
— Maya Shapiro, 5th Grade


In our home, we've been journeying from slavery to freedom with Noam Zion's A Night to Remember Hagaddah for several years. Beginning with burning the last of the chametz in the backyard fire pit, starting our seder with a walk down the sidewalk, and adding in fresh issue-relevant resources and readings, and plenty of songs.



esther's feast

Several years ago, my wife asked me to create something for Purim that would allow for serious study of Megillat Esther before the holiday, but also be fun and joyful and our Esther's Feast was born. Similar to our Tu B'Shevat Haggadah, I created the text and am working on polishing it up for publication. 

 Apter Family, photo by Ana Apter

Apter Family, photo by Ana Apter


Of course, not everything Jewish is formal and serious! 

I'm still working on this page, but rest assured, it's possible to be Jewish and also wonderfully ridiculous.