Amy has a knack for really seeing things - ideas, people, the way forward. She’s a talented writer, a gifted people whisperer, a creative educator.
— Emily Cornell


Life is pretty amazing, and Judaism has a lot to offer. I've dedicated the past two decades of my life to living a life of meaning and supporting others in discovering meaningful lives for themselves. Wherever you find yourself, I would love to talk with you about what we could do together.

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      • D'vrei Torah (please see my blog)

      • Blood Donation / Bone Marrow Transplant

      • Judaism and Sexuality

      • Our Whole Lives / Sacred Choices - Comprehensive Sex and Sexuality Education from a Jewish or Secular Perspective

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  • An Officiant for a Baby Naming, Bris, or Brit Shalom

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Me at the Como Conservatory, Spring 2017

Me at the Como Conservatory, Spring 2017

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Amy is a remarkable educator who brings a unique depth of knowledge, perspective, and learning to all her work. As a Comprehensive Sexuality Educator, Amy skillfully creates learning experiences that allow students to connect deeply with the content, with each other, and with themselves. In creating and leading Mount Zion Temple’s Sacred Choices Program, Amy wove together human experience, history, science, Judaism, and modern context with creativity to design an experience that allows teens to gain confidence in their understanding of human sexuality within a context of Jewish values and relationships. The teens leave the program with a greater ability to navigate sex, sexuality, and relationships in their own lives and the knowledge of resources available to them when needed.
— Liza Henry, Youth Engagement Director Mount Zion Temple

Friends Forever 
Two Jewish girls become friends across time when modern-day Hannah suddenly appears in her own Saint Paul yard . . . in 1912. Thirteen-year-old Abigail tells the story of that amazing day and the encounter that changed both their lives forever. Against the backdrop of the Progressive Era, as youth joined with adults and hotly debated women's right to vote, worker's rights, and racial equality, Abigail and Hannah must solve their own problem: How will Hannah get back to her own time?

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Liza with some amazing teens!

Liza with some amazing teens!