are you ordained?


where are you affiliated?

I am a member of Beth Jacob Congregation (Conservative) and also involved at Mount Zion Temple (Reform) where my wife is a member. However, I don't fit neatly into any particular movement or building. 

will you consider officiating or co-officiating at interfaith/traditional/
intercultural/same-sex/jewish/queer/non-traditional-whatever-that-means weddings?

Yes. Before agreeing to officiate, and before you choose me, we have a lot to talk about, but none of those categories is a deal breaker.



do you officiate at funerals?

Yes, I do.

what do you charge?

It depends. For some services I offer, I charge an hourly rate, and for others a flat fee. For example, for Hebrew tutoring, I charge $60/hour. For weddings, I have a menu of options and the flat fee depends on your selections. If cost is a burden for you, please contact me so we can talk about it. 


will you travel?

Again, it depends. I will gladly travel to neighboring states as it works in my schedule. I am open to talking about traveling further, and might depending on the circumstances. 

what else do you want to know?

Just contact me!