Team Love is Boss is LAUNCHED!

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When I was working my way through treatment for acute myelogenous leukemia and having a bone marrow transplant, a friend of mine was in the Peace Corps in Suriname. It was an intense time for both of us in really different ways. She sent me a green and white sarong that has "Lobi Na Basi" in bold green letters on it. Lobi Na Basi. Love is boss. 

It seems all kinds of wrong that I don't know what Lobi Na Basi means within the context of Surinamese culture. I spend a month in Costa Rica and only skimmed the surface of the meaning of "Pura Vida" outside the tourist industry. Hawaii has "Aloha" and Australia has . . . what . . . "G'day, Mate"? Still, language is one of the ways we understand the world, and if someone wants to greet me with "Shalom" and really mean it, really mean the goodtoseeyoupeacewholenesswhat'sup . . .  even when it's awkward and a little weird, I'll take it. Of course, maybe I just feel that way because "Shalom" is also something I've borrowed. 

My Peace Corps friend, though, she said she sent that Lobi Na Basi to me because she sees love as boss as the way I live my life. Quite a compliment. A compliment to live up to. And what if love really were boss? What if like kids on a playground we could claim for ourselves what or who the "boss of me" is . . .  and name it love? What if we all tried to live that way? 

Besides, it's Elul - that month before the High Holidays that has an acronym for a name. Aleph, lamed, vav, lamed - for ani l'dodi v'dodi li. I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine. What if in this love relationship we have with the Essence of the world - the Essence with which we seek to reconnect in this season . . . well, what if that love could just be the boss of . . . everything? 

If you would like to join me and work to live with love being boss, or if you want to do something good in the world, or if you just have some stuff you'd like to get rid of, I have a project for our Love Is Boss team in relationship with Chief Tahgee Academy, with my friend Bailey Dunn and Jose Alfonso Medez, and with their K-7 students on the reservation in Fort Hall, Idaho.

Bailey and Jose need our help gathering supplies essential to their students' success and wellbeing. At their Title I school many students don't have access to clothing (especially winter clothing). They need our help stocking the student clothing bank. Their classroom libraries have pretty bare shelves, and they need our help filling them. They do not have a school library, and their classrooms are currently construction pods.

Meanwhile, many of us are sending our kids and our teens back to school, we are buying them supplies, we are getting them school clothes and figuring out what they've outgrown. Many of us are teachers and are setting up our classrooms. Some of us might be librarians, and maybe there are some multiples of books our libraries don't need anymore.

When love is boss, it's just not so hard getting the clothing and books from where we are to where Bailey and Jose and the K-7 students are. 

Between NOW and November 15
(one week before Thanksgiving)


*Clean, gently used and new clothing for 4-14 year olds*

*Gently used and new books for students K-7*

Please list what's inside. Ex: 10 shirts, 15 books.

We are a group made up of people across all kinds of physical boundaries, so Bailey is generously going to keep count for us so we can have a record of what we can do together. If you want, share what you sent in the comments.

Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy
Attn: Bailey Dann and Jose Mendez
P.O. Box 217 - 34 South Hiline Rd.
Fort Hall, Idaho 83203

What's the NEXT thing we are going to do?

It's going to be LOVEly. 

Stay tuned!