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eventful Moments

  • Is your role in life changing?

  • Are you moving to a new apartment?

  • Are you anticipating buying your first or a new home?

  • Is there a moment you want to acknowledge in the life of an animal companion?

  • In your affirmation of your identity, as you claim your name and live as your whole self, how do you want to celebrate? Possibly with a naming ritual or some other ceremony?

  • Do you want to welcome an infant or child to your family and community with a baby naming or a brit shalom?

  • Have you come through a harrowing medical experience?

Whatever the eventful moment in your life, if you want to find a way to bring more meaning to it, to mark it and share it with others, I would love to meet with you and design an experience that fits. When we meet to talk about what you are looking for, we will also talk about the fee.

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Havdallah with the Hannan Family

My husband was not raised in the Jewish faith, and for the entire length of our relationship, when he asked me a Jewish question I could not answer, I would always say, “Ask Amy!” When he and I were preparing to welcome our second child, Amy and I discussed Hebrew names that would honor my grandmother. We also wanted to add a second Hebrew name to our oldest child’s name. It just made sense to ask Amy to say a few words at Bryce (Betzalel’s) bris. Her words still move me to tears two-and-a-half years after she shared them with us. Family and friends in attendance commented on how meaningful her words were. As I continue to navigate what it means to me to have a Jewish home, raise Jewish kids, and share my life with a partner who is committed to both without (at this point) choosing Judaism for himself, I remain ever grateful for Amy’s wisdom and gentle guidance.
— Robyn Cohen Hannan