Amy and her wife Liddy in their Sukkah

Amy and her wife Liddy in their Sukkah

cOUPLES coaching

I am a certified in Prepare/Enrich coach. All couples are welcome to join me for Couples Coaching, Pre-Engagement Coaching, Pre-Marital Coaching/Counseling, and Marriage Enrichment Coaching.

Private Coaching

  • $500 for 4 session packages

  • We meet for 60-90 minute sessions

  • The sessions will be tailored to where you are in your relationship: dating, committed, engaged, married

  • If I am also officiating at your wedding, these sessions do not include planning or officiating the ceremony

Group Commitment Coaching Workshops/Retreats

  • Please let me know if you are interested.


Commitment Coaching is not couples therapy. If upon meeting we discover the issues you are wresting with are beyond my skill set, I will recommend that you reach out to a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  

Our premarital counseling with Amy was great. We really wanted to start our marriage off on the strongest possible foundation. . . . Some days we covered a lot and some days we got so into it that we only discussed one topic. Amy was able to gauge where we needed more time and attention so that nothing felt unfinished when we moved on to the next topic. 

I was raised without religion. My wife is Jewish, and we want to have a Jewish home and live a Jewish life together. For me that meant not only understanding what it means to be Jewish, but what it means for me, personally. Amy took the time to get to know us and how we want to live our life, and developed a learning plan around our desires. We covered a wide variety of topics and life lessons that got my wife and I to explore the intricacies and difficulties of creating a Jewish household and having a family together - All the while keeping what it means for us, personally, to live a Jewish life.